RobocopyRobocopy is a robust file copy system that is built into windows which allows you to copy and move files with the permissions and shares intact.

Robocopy is noted for capabilities above and beyond the built-in Windows copy and xcopy commands, including the following:

  • Ability to tolerate network interruptions and resume copying. (incomplete files are marked with a date stamp of 1980-01-01 and contain a recovery record so Robocopy knows where to continue from)
  • Ability to skip NTFS junction points which can cause copying failures because of infinite loops (/XJ)
  • Ability to copy file data and attributes correctly, and to preserve original timestamps, as well as NTFS ACLs, owner information, and audit information using command line switches. (/COPYALL or /COPY:) Copying folder timestamps is also possible in later versions (/DCOPY:T).
  • Ability to assert the Windows NT “backup right” (/B) so an administrator may copy an entire directory, including files denied readability to the administrator.
  • Persistence by default, with a programmable number of automatic retries if a file cannot be opened.
  • A “mirror” mode, which keeps trees in sync by optionally deleting files out of the destination that are no longer present in the source.
  • Ability to skip files that already appear in the destination folder with identical size and timestamp.
  • A continuously updated command-line progress indicator.
  • Ability to copy file and folder names exceeding 256 characters — up to a theoretical limit of 32,000 characters — without errors.[1]
  • Multithreaded copying. (Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2) [2]
  • Return code[3] on program termination for batch file usage.

Today I’m going to show you how I use robocopy and a script that I found that works for me.

I like to save the following code as a .bat file so I can run it easily as an administrator.

@echo off

SET SORC=”D:\Test Copy”
SET DEST=”D:\Companyshare\shared”
SET LOG=”D:\Companyshare\shared\copylog.log”



The above code will copy subdirectories, time stamps, ntfs access controls, etc.

To learn more about what the above code means visit this link.

Hope this is helpful to anybody using this robust copy tool

Topless Silhouette

Topless Silhouette

I have stated before that I don’t plan to use for personal posts but I felt like I wanted to share this photo I took last night of an awesome friend who was kind enough to model for me.

I also want to state that I’m looking for more awesome models who would be up for creative shots like the one I shared here  that I can add to my portfolio and help me get into the flow of photographing people instead of random objects that I have been doing.

The idea is I want to get good enough with working with people that I can start making money doing photography eventually.

My photography website is at Snap Geek Photography and I’m interesting in more models.

Nude McDonald’s customer went berserk after rejected sexual advances

sandra-suarezAuthorities say Sandra Suarez, 41, is the woman seen topless in a surveillance video trashing a McDonald’s in Pinellas Park, Fla. She reportedly wasn’t on drugs or alcohol at the time.

Read more:

Uncensored nude video at:

XP Death Date


Today marks the day when Microsoft has stopped the support for Windows XP.

This means Windows XP has been alive for 12 years but Microsoft felt it was time for them to end support for XP and Office 2003.

What this means for you is

  • No more Automatic Windows Updates
  • Microsoft Security Essentials will not have future downloads available.
  • Your computer will still work but you will become vulnerable to security risks and viruses
  • Internet Explorer 8 is no longer supported
  • Eventually you may encounter more apps and devices that do not work with XP.
  • Office 2003 is no longer supported

Microsoft basically left xp users with two options.

  • Upgrade your current OS
  • Upgrade your computer to newer hardware if your current computer doesn’t support anything higher than xp.

Here is Microsoft’s post on this topic.

Below are some other links on the topic

The Death of Windows XP
Millions of PCs as risk
Drop-dead Date is here is Back

I have brought back from the grave and plan to use this space to share Tech News, Reviews, and more.

Some content here may not be safe for work from time to time but I might at least attempt to warn you before you click through it.

Microsoft “Pro” Support

So after over 5 hours wasted so far with Microsoft and their “PRO” Support my issue still isn’t resolved. I’m sure I will waste many more before I finally get somebody with any brains on the phone as I have been transferred now over 10 times.

Truth be told, everybody I have talked to at Microsoft so far have been complete idiots and haven’t helped me one single bit with my issue let alone have really grasped what my exact issue is because they are fucking idiots.

It must be really easy to get a job at Microsoft because it seems like they have hired every High School drop out in the area to come work for them to offer “Support” on their shitty products.

This may very well be the last time I buy another Microsoft product ever again (at least for msyelf). I just wish I could say the same about the company that I work for but I know they won’t ditch Microsoft products.

I called Microshit in the first place to figure out why in the fuck 4 out of 7 Office 2013 keys don’t show up under account and why I am unable to “redeem” those four keys but nobody can seem to answer that fucking question let alone listen correctly because they are all brain dead idiots.

Lesson learned. If you are smart you will not buy Microsoft products and you will switch to Linux.

Microsoft Office Woes

This morning I ended up spending about 4 hours of my work day troubleshooting with Microsoft about why I am unable to add 4 Office Home and Business 2013 keys to our live account so we can set them up on some work machines.

During the 4 hour call I was transferred 7 times and then finally once nobody else could figure out the issue they decided to transfer my case to Level 3 Support Dept which is supposed to call me back at some point.

How is it that Microsoft can screw up their new idea of linking software to live accounts so bad that it’s this impossible to simply link a fucking piece of software to a single account.

This is a major fail on Microsoft‘s part and I hope the idiots get it sorted out soon.

Snow Cuties

In light of how cold it is outside today I decided to share a few photos I found on the net of some snow cuties who are making the best of the cold weather by modeling nude in the snow!


CryptoLockerInitialScreenRecently I have been dealing with a Cryptolocker infection at work  that has taken out our shared network files twice now and this latest infection is by far the worst one I have seen so far since our backups haven’t been getting done correctly due an configuration error for NTFS permissions on the shares.

Those who don’t know, Cryptolocker is a new form of ransomware which encrypts a huge number of file types and then demands you pay $300 USD to decrypt your personal files. Full Details at Bleeping Computer.

Now since our backups at work have failed we were forced to pay the ransom to recover our files since it encrypted over 57,000 of them. After we paid the ransom it went to work and it decrypted all but 3,000 or so of the files.

Screenshots of Cryptolocker

Later a co-worker at work found a way to use the “Your Private Key.bin” file we got after paying ransom to decrypt the remaining files using a Python script called Cryptounlocker.

Crytounlocker Instructions

  • install python 3.3 – Download 
  • install the pycrypto module – Download
  • Download the Crypto-Unlocker script and extract it. – Download
  • Copy “Your Private Key.bin” into the root cryptounlocker folder and the encrypted files into the “Encrypted Files” folder under that.
  • Open a command line, type “python”, and it should show the correct version 3.3.3.
  • On the command line navigate to the cryptounlocker folder and type “python”.
  • Check the “Decrypted Files” folder for the results.

I’m hoping this is the last time I run into Cryptolocker but I somehow doubt this is the case as this Trojan is just getting spread around thicker and thicker as of recent.

Please comment below if you have anything to say about Cryptolocker or if these steps have helped you!

Seagate Drives Suck

Seagate DrivesI’ve officially lost my faith in Seagate Hard Drives upon having 2 of the 4TB Seagate drives that I used recently lose all their partition tables and then in turn causing me to lose all the data on those drives.

I tried to partition the drive again and it only lets me partition 1.9TB out of 4TB as well so I’ll need to eventually figure out that issue as well.

I’m currently trying to recover the latest 4TB drive that failed with Recuva so we will see how that goes.

I have recommended to the company that I work for that they no longer buy any Seagate products because they aren’t reliable enough for the work that we do and we were buying over 4 of their 4TB drives a month.

Now I need to figure out what to do with about 15 other 4 TB Seagate drives that we bought previously…