Ghost Linux Security hole Revealed

Have you heard about the critical linux security hole that was revealed dubbed “Ghost”? Well if you haven’t then I suggest you get up to speed on this critical security hole and get your linux servers patched asap.

The below section is quoted from the article at zdnet.

“The security hole can be triggered by exploiting glibc’s gethostbyname functions. This function is used on almost all networked Linux computers when the computer is called on to access another networked computer either by using the /etc/hosts files or, more commonly, by resolving an Internet domain name with Domain Name System (DNS).

To exploit this vulnerability, all an attacker needs to do is trigger a buffer overflow by using an invalid hostname argument to an application that performs a DNS resolution. This vulnerability then enables a remote attacker to execute arbitrary code with the permissions of the user running DNS. In short, once an attacker has exploited GHOST they may be capable of taking over the system.”

For more details please read the full article at zdnet.

Put em in a coffin

Remember planking?  And the gallon smash?  Well, there’s a new teen thing going viral on the internet.  And it’s just as stupid as its predecessors.  It’s called “Put ‘em in a coffin.”

These idiots cross their arms, then jump and land back first on the hood of a car.  As you can imagine, it causes a great deal of damage to the front end of the car.  As to the question of “Why?”  Because kids, that’s why.

Source: FBHW

Meet the world’s smallest PC

Intel unveiled the world’s smallest Windows PC, a tiny thumb-drive-sized device that converts any television or monitor into a functional computer.

Similar to the Google (GOOGL, Tech30) Chromecast or Amazon (AMZN, Tech30) Fire Stick, the Intel Compute Stick can be plugged into an HDMI port. Though Intel (INTC, Tech30) says the Compute Stick can be used for streaming video, it can also do more than that.

The four-inch Compute Stick comes installed with Windows 8.1, 2 GB of RAM and 32 GB of storage. It connects to the Internet via Wi-Fi, and it has a microSD slot for additional storage if you need it.

“It’s everything you love about your desktop computer in a device that fits in the palm of your hand,” says Intel.

Well … your desktop computer probably has a keyboard, a mouse, a lot more storage and RAM, and a much faster processor. But point taken, Intel: It’s a full-fledged computer that’s the size of a pack of gum. That’s pretty neat.

Intel suggests that the Compute Stick be used for “light productivity, social networking, Web browsing, and streaming media or games.” It also said small businesses might use it as an inexpensive computing solution.

The Intel Compute Stick will cost $149 and will go on sale later this year. A version that runs Linux will sell for $89.

Source: CNN

What is Nudism?


There are a lot of people who are confused or question what nudism really is about. Well today I plan to answer that question within this post.

So what is nudism?

Nudism is not a sexual act and it isn’t about exposing yourself to others for sexual purposes or some sort of shock factor which is what Exhibitionists do. Nudists simply enjoy living life without being restricted by clothing whenever possible and are often nude while doing everyday tasks such as cleaning the house, doing yard work, painting, watching tv, working, etc.

Nudists tend to escape the textile world by visiting nude beaches or nudist resorts with other like minded individuals. There are also clubs for nudists to join where they can go to events together and socialize.

True nudists will never judge others based on how they look weather they be fat, skinny, old, etc because to the nudist community it doesn’t matter what you look like but who you are as a person as a whole.

What nudism is not.

Nudism is not about having sex, performing sex acts or looking at others in a sexual manner. People who get off exposing themselves to people are not nudists but rather Exhibitionists. There is a fine line between exposing yourself nude to others for pleasure and being a nudist.

How do you tell if somebody is a nudist?

Honestly, it’s not really easy to know who is a nudist and who isn’t because most nudists don’t openly admit that they enjoy nudism or are nudists. In fact your teacher, best friend, or even your parents may be nudists and you may not even know it!

CryptoWall – How to protect yourself


CryptoWallLast year my readers may remember me talking about Cryptolocker in this post and then how the feds took it down finally.

Well that didn’t last long because CryptoWall (aka Cryptolocker) is back and more destructive than ever and has already held ransom over 600k computers according to this article.

The new ransom amount is a staggering $500 USD and doubles if not paid before the date given after your files are encrypted. To make matters worse they only accept Bitcoin as payment which in my opinion makes it near impossible for the average computer user to pay up to recover their files.

Now, I’m not going to get into too many more details about the Trojan that does all this damage but I will refer you to a couple links that contain more information about it at the bottom of this article.

But first I want to explain the best ways to protect yourself so you can easily recover from disaster if you are hit by CryptoWall.

Have latest anti-virus definitions and Malware Protection

Make sure you have anti-virus that is current and up to date. Also having the Pro version of Malwarebytes installed and updated will help a lot as well.

Make sure you have bulletproof backups.

When I say bulletproof I mean the following:

  • Cold Backups – These are backups that have been done and then taken offline.
  • Off Computer Backups – Backups that have been copied to another machine or server such as a NAS device.
  • Offsite Cold Backups – These are backups that are taken offsite and are offline.
  • Offsite Backup – These are backups that are offsite.

I actually do the first three types of backups that I have listed above because I really do not want to lose my data.

Use your brain

This means do not click on ads & watch what you do click on or install on your computer. Knowing exactly what your doing online will greatly help you avoid installing Malware or getting hit by Cryptowall.

Lastly I want to wish my readers good luck and I hope you never get hit by this nasty trojan.

More Details about CryptoWall at the following link:


Timberline Chainsaw Sharpener Review

Timberline Chainsaw Sharpener

Timberline Chainsaw SharpenerI finally received my Timberline chainsaw sharpener in the mail on 09/26/2014 and was pumped to try it right away but I waited until the next day.

I first tried it on a chain that was already on my saw that wasn’t really dull but it could used some refreshing up done. The tool seemed to work rather well but like I said it wasn’t really dull to begin with.

Working on Dull ChainUp next came the real test when I took off the freshly sharpened chain and put on another chain that was really dull and I failed to get it sharp with just a file.

It look me a little bit to get it seated on there just right but once it was in place I managed to get the chain sharpened and when I tested it out today it cut like a brand new chain.

Bottom line this chainsaw sharpener really works though it is a bit pricy on the pocketbook to purchase but in the end it’s going to save me a lot of headaches and hassles.



Tribune Printing Company In Fairfield Collapse


Around 3pm yesterday afternoon, local authorities responded to reports of a possible roof caving in at 101 Briggs. Once authorities arrived on the scene it was visibly clear that the roof of the Tribune Printing Company was sinking in and the building structure  had shift. Crews worked to secure the area by evacuating the surrounding businesses and residences, turning off electricity and gas.ross
According to the owner Ross Walker the building was not being occupied and he was planning to sell the building soon. Walker further stated that the Tribune had been in his family for the past 99 years and that he has 3 cars in the garage of the building. Crews helped push the three cars out of the garage, 2 classic T-Birds, 55’ & 57 and a 64 Mustang.

Ross_Walker_Bldg_Collapse_7-8-14MGPL6673rotatU50MUS250_72_1015ctxtxPaThe decision was made around 4:30pm to bring the entire building down. Fireman went up in the bucket ladder to see over the building while a large machine claw brought the rest of the building down. No one was injured. 25 mph winds circulated debris. Streets remain closed and fenced off for public safety. The investigation as to why the roof began collapsing is on-going. Assisting at the scene were Fairfield Fire Department, Fairfield Police Department and Jefferson County Sheriff Office.Source: Explore SE Iowa

Facebook Changes Breastfeeding Mothers Photo Policy


Note: Some images in this post contain nudity.

Two weeks ago, if a photograph of an actively breastfeeding mother with nipples exposed was shared in Facebook, that photograph would have violated the company’s guidelines regarding nudity and obscenity and been removed. According to my conversations with Facebook spokespeople, as the result of a quiet policy change made two weeks ago, that is no longer the case. The female nipple ban no longer exists for breastfeeding mothers, which should make many people who have been pushing the company to address a nudity double standard at least partially happy.

Last year, when Jaclyn Friedman, Laura Bates and I organized a social media campaign challenging Facebook to recognize gender-based hate, the public focus of the initiative was on revealing the ways in which content depicting gross violations of women’s human rights — rapes, domestic battering, widespread violence against women — were being treated as, among other things, harmless jokes.  After five days, 60,000 tweets and 15 advertisers leaving the platform, Facebook acknowledged the problem and committed to addressing it.  We’ve developed a productive working relationship and continued to work on policies related to free speech and violence against women on their platform.

2014-06-09-PaalaSecorBreastfeedingpic2Photo credit: Paala Secor, 2014

Of equal importance to gender-based hate was the issue of the context in which content passes moderation. As a reflection of the world’s culture, Facebook continues to be a place in which depictions of women as sexually objectified (overt pornography violates community standards) or debased is broadly allowable, but others, in which women represent their own bodies for non male-gaze sexual pleasure, is largely not. So, for example, at the time of our campaign post-mastectomy photographs were removed for violating nudity policies. Similarly, photographs of woman breastfeeding, or topless in art or political protest were, as the latter two still are, banned on the site. For the past year we have been actively involved in pressuring the company, as have many others, to remove restrictions on women’s freedom of speech that results from“obscenity” double standards.

Among the clearest examples of how distorted ideas about “obscenity” are is the treatment of breastfeeding mothers, off-line and on.  While female toplessness is legal in many places, and breastfeeding in public is legal everywhere in the US, it remains “obscene” under many social media rules, and in daily interactions offline. There are entire Facebook pages, such as FB v Breastfeeding and Hey Facebook! Breastfeeding is Not Obscene, dedicated to the issue.  Breastfeeding selfies, a trend, could not be shared on the platform. Each time there is news about graphic and violent content allowed in Facebook, the ridiculousness of banning photos of women feeding their children is highlighted.

Similarly, it seems as though not a week goes by that Instagram, which is owned by Facebook, isn’t embroiled in a controversy regarding female nudity, usually toplessness.

Two weeks ago, Instagram disabled Rihanna’s Instagram account and then quickly reinstated it. She has since mocked their nudity policy and closed the account.  Rihanna’s body-based statement was hardly new, but is more and more common. Last week, Scout Willis took topless walk through New York to protest Instagram’s polices after she posted a photo of a t-shirt featuring two topless friends.  Instagram called Willis’ deleted photos (which included nipples) “incidences of abuse.”  Last week, model Natalia Vodianova posted a “legal” breastfeeding photograph (no nipples showing) that was criticized by breastfeeding advocates who felt that the image did more harm than good by sexualizing the act. These high-profile celebrity engagements, led earlier this year by Miley Cyrus, are helping the #FreeTheNipple movement pick up serious steam.  Even the cartoon icon for #FreeTheNipple, a global movement that has grown up around a soon-to-be eponymously named movie about decriminalizing the female body, has been removed from Facebook, while theHooter’s “owl” and Travelocity’s remains cozily entrenched.

A lot of ire is focused on Facebook, because, in terms of population, it is the third largest country in the world.  Facebook is not responsible for the double standards, or the rules and beliefs that they reflect.  They are mainstream ones in these regards. TheMPAA, the FCC and the modesty and morality police of the public sphere are all equally censorious about women’s toplessness.  However, by virtue of its regulation of content, it is an important social arbiter of them.

The very traditional and mainstream ideas about nudity that Facebook and other social media companies are grappling with maintain the cultural idea that women’s bodies are first and foremost, sexual objects and second, can be regulated in terms of distribution.

Laura Dodsworth, a photographer, launched the project Bare Reality, to explore the dichotomy between how women feel about their breasts privately and how they are presented for public consumption through the media.

“I know how frustrating it can be to push these restrictions on social media platforms, as they can be more conservative and discriminatory than real-life society,” she says.  “For instance, it’s ironic trying to create a conversation about Bare Reality on Facebook, because I will never be able to share the artwork there — for personal and political reasons I will not obscure women’s nipples. Controlling female nudity is about controlling women.

The idea that women should be able to share non-sexually objectifying images of their bodies, a form of counter-speech to our pervasive sexual objectification, eludes many people, who seem to skim the surface of what the core issues are.

Source: Huffington Post